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We have made a styleguide to help you complete the task

Our styleguide is made in figma, you may use programs such as Adobe XD, Figma or similar web design applications to complete the task.

Requirements & Task explanation

Create a company profile (lead profile).
Design must include:

1. Company Details

Editable details about the company e.g. address, industries, company number, phone number, email, website, number of employees Please demonstrate how to edit these details

2. Activity log

showing e.g. the last call with this company, missed call, or “email sent”.

3. Contact Person

An option to add a new contact e.g. “Sales Leader”+ his/her phone number. Please show how to add and edit the contacts.

4. Pipeline

A pipeline showing the sales process with the lead e.g. Prospecting, Needs analysis, Negotiation, Closed/won

We are looking forward to see your result !

Please enure the following :

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